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Estate Sales

FAQ - Blue Orchid Estate Sales!

Q: What is an Estate Sale?

An Estate Sale is an excellent way of liquidating the personal belongings of a family or estate. The sale is held in the home with the public given the opportunity to purchase any items that are priced for sale. 

Q: Why should I consider having an Estate Sale?

The need for an Estate Sale may arise due to many different individual circumstances. The relocation of a family member to a Retirement Community, Nursing or Assisted Living Facility, the Executor of a Will in need of guidance, divorce, downsizing, moving, or the death of a loved one.   

Q: Why should we hire Blue Orchid Estate Sales? 

Blue Orchid Estate Sales will provide you peace of mind knowing that you will be guided through the entire process by a professional, knowledgeable, honest and caring estate liquidation company. We strive to make the experience as simple and pleasant as possible for you with minimal disruption to your normal everyday activities.     

Q; What if I'm an absentee owner or live out a state. Can Blue Orchid Estate Sales still handle my Estate Sale?

Absolutely!We provide full services for absentee owners and out of state clients. .

Q: How many days will Blue Orchid Estate Sales hold the Estate Sale?

Normally 2 or 3 days depending on the size and amount of contents of the estate.

Q: What day(s) of the week are the Estate Sales held?

Blue Orchid Estate Sales normally holds estate sales on Thursday, Friday and Saturday depending on size and amount of contents of the estate.

Q: What will be I charged by Blue Orchid Estate Sales to handle my Estate Sale?

We work strictly on commission with no upfront or out-of-pocket costs to our client. Our commission rates are based on a percentage of the total sales figure of the estate liquidation. The commission rate will be determined once an on-site consultation has taken place at the home.

Q: When will I be paid after the Estate Sale has concluded?

Depending on the size of the estate the records are normally reconciled the first Monday following the last day of the sale (Saturday).

Q: Does Blue Orchid Estate Sales have business insurance?

Yes. We are licensed, bonded and insured for your protection.

Q: Will I have to help or provide any items for the staging of the Estate Sale?

Absolutely not! We do all the work for you and provide everything that's needed to hold a successful sale. 

Q: How will you advertise my Estate Sale?

Blue Orchid Estate Sales promotes your estate sale by advertising on our company website, along with other popular estate sale sites, email blasts, Facebook, Craigslist, local major newspapers, along with directional exterior signage around the perimeter of the neighborhood where the home is located.

Q: What happens once we sign a contract with Blue Orchid Estate Sales?

We will go through the estate organizing the contents separating household trash from the merchandise to be sold. Furniture may need to be moved, tables set up, merchandise will be cleaned if needed, tastefully displayed and categorized with like kind items grouped together, then tagged. The more valuable items will take center stage toward the entrance to the home for higher visibility to our buyers. Photos will be taken of the items for sale and posted as an Upcoming Sales on our company website, along with other estate sale websites. During the sale our friendly and reliable staff will be placed strategically throughout the home to answer any questions the buyers may have and to keep a mindful eye on the merchandise.   

Q: What happens if I want to sell an item for a certain price?

The item will be tagged stating the price is firm per client request.

Q: How do you price the merchandise to be sold?

Blue Orchid Estate Sales will price the majority of the merchandise based on our knowledge, experience, research, current selling trends, along with utilizing internet resources and our library of reference books. 

Q: What if I have unique, rare, antique or vintage items?

Blue Orchid Estate Sales will consult with an outside licensed appraiser, at the clients expense, to determine the appraised value of the item.

Q: Should I go through the home to start throwing stuff away?

No! Upon signing a contract for our services, we ask that no items be thrown away until we can view the entire contents of the estate. We will do this all for you! Remember the old adage, One man's junk is another man's treasure? This still holds true! We do ask if you are going to be giving any items to friends and family that it be done before the contract is signed or shortly thereafter.

Q: How will I know which items sold and at what price?

We will provide you with an itemized accounting of the sale showing which items were sold along with the sale price for each item. Normal everyday household items, such as kitchenware, food, cleaning products, toiletries, towels, sheets, etc., will be grouped together into general categories with a combined sales price.

Q: What happens to the leftover merchandise that doesn't sell?

We will discuss with the client if they wish to keep or dispose of the leftover merchandise. They may wish to donate the items to their favorite charity, if there is no preference, we will donate to one of our favorite charities. We offer the service of boxing up the items to be donated and making arrangements with the charity for pick-up. The client will be provided with the tax-deductible donation receipt for tax purposes.

Q: Can I be present during the Estate Sale?

We prefer the client not be present at the sale. There are many reasons for this due to our experience. When a client is present at the sale acquaintances and friends may feel they have preferential treatment to gain early entry or are looking to get deals. This often results in a very awkward situation for the client and our company. There are also instances where some personal property may hold sentimental value causing emotional distress for our client. However, if you wish to be present at the sale we completely understand. 

Q: What type of payments does Blue Orchid Estate Sales accept?

We accept cash which is the best form of payment. However, we will also accept debit and major credit cards with proper identification for purchases over $100.00. We do not accept personal or business checks.

If you should have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to call Terri at 561-339-0381. She would love to hear from you and will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Member of American Society of Estate Liquidators
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