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Estate Sales

Clean Out Services - Blue Orchid Estate Sales!

Blue Orchid Estate Sales specializes in providing professional, and confidential home clean-out and estate clean-out services.

Whether you are looking to clean-out a single room, an entire estate, a home, attic, garage, shed, storage unit, or even a hoarders home, we are here to help you! We strive to provide you with the utmost sensitivity, and to make the clean-out process as easy and painless for you as possible.  We will work quickly and efficiently to assure that your property will be ready to be put on the market or leased in a timely manner.

Our professional clean-out services include:

  • Search - we will search for important documents or valuables
  • Removal - removal of all debris or non-sellable items
  • Separate - we will separate the debris from items of value
  • Donation - we will arrange for the donation of unwanted items in usable condition
  • Dumpster - a dumpster will be provided if needed, and agreed upon with client
  • Recycle - we recycle whenever possible to limit the impact on our environment
  • Cleaning - we will mop, sweep, and/or vacuum the home after the clean-out 

Contact Blue Orchid Estate Sales today for a confidential on-site consultation and estimate. 


Member of American Society of Estate Liquidators
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